Legacy Industrial Coatings

Industry best LIFETIME Guarantee!

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Most installations can be completed in ONE day!

[/cmsmasters_icon_list_item][cmsmasters_icon_list_item title=”Is there a warranty on my floor?”]

Absolutely! We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all of our floors.

[/cmsmasters_icon_list_item][cmsmasters_icon_list_item title=”How do you prepare my floor before the polyuria coating is applied?”]

Proper preparation of the concrete is essential to achieving the greatest possible adhesion. We use an edge grinder around the perimeter and a diamond grinder in open spaces to fully profile your concrete before any coating begins.

[/cmsmasters_icon_list_item][cmsmasters_icon_list_item title=”Will my floor fade from sun exposure?”]

Our polyaspartic clear coat is 100% UV stable and will not fade. These coatings look great around pools!

[/cmsmasters_icon_list_item][cmsmasters_icon_list_item title=”How long after the installation until I can walk on my floor?”]

You can walk on your new floor within 4-6 hours of clear coat application.

[/cmsmasters_icon_list_item][cmsmasters_icon_list_item title=”Are your floors slippery?”]

Our chip system and clear coat ensure our floors are both slip-resistant and bare foot friendly.

[/cmsmasters_icon_list_item][cmsmasters_icon_list_item title=”Can I schedule an installation today?”]

Yes! Just click the “Request Free Quote” button anywhere on our site. One of our qualified staff will be happy to meet you at your home or business to give you quote in person that will be good for 30 days.